Warranty and service

Every piece of QLIV furniture is produced from especially high quality materials and manufactured with the greatest care. The furniture only leaves our factory after careful quality control. If, despite of this, component or manufacturing faults occur, QLIV will cover the cost of replacement or repair according to the following schedule: 

Years of use contribution from QLIV  (in percentage of costs)

0-­1                             100 %

1-­2                             80 %

2-­3                             60 %

3-­4                             40 %

4-­5                             20 %

As condition we give that our maintenance advice has been used correctly. Furthermore, we are talking about normal, domestic use. Defects which are a result of injudicious use are excluded from warranty. We also like to point out to you again the fact that wood is a natural material. For example, the final colour of the wood develops under the influence of light during use (ask you dealer for explanation and advice). For an equal colouring, it is advisable to also place the extra leaves in the same light during the first months. Very important for the condition of the wood is to maintain the humidity of the air as constant as possible (approx. 60%) in order to avoid drying out of the wood (shrinkage!). A warranty claim to QLIV  has to be made within the warranty period, which starts on the day of delivery to the first owner or at the latest 30 days after delivery from QLIV to the QLIV dealer. Submitting a claim has to be done by presenting the invoice and the warranty certificate. 

Specific exclusions:

1.  Normal wear and tear and damage are not covered by the warranty. 

2. Damage due to incorrect use or wrong maintenance are excluded from warranty. 

3. Indirect damage due to a possible defect, such as loss of profits, etc., are also excluded from warranty. 

4. Repairs to the furniture and/ or upholstery without written permission from QLIV, are not covered by the warranty. 

5. Upholstered furniture: the QLIV warranty conditions do not apply for leather and fabric upholstery which are not from the standard QLIV collection (e.g. customer own materials).