Bold and elegant.
Luxurious but modest.

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The steel frames of the chairs consist of one part; artisanally bent to the right shape.

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The Art Deco movement combined Modernist forms with rich materials, just like the Cross table.

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QLIV Raw gives our collection even more character.

On request we can have our wooden tables brushed. This process ensures a stronger drawing of the grain of the wood and gives the design a more robust and distinct look.

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08 Feb 2021

QLIV starts collaboration with Richard Schipper ‘Founded’

QLIV starts collaboration with Richard Schipper ‘Founded’ Dutch design brand QLIV adds Richard Schipper’s new product line Founded to…

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19 Dec 2019

Welcome Carolina!

Welcome Carolina! For some time now we had the desire to develop a dining table…

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