Dining tables


Design by QLIV studio
Incl. 21% TAX NL

Our bold yet refined Bridge table is inspired by the bridges of the Dutch landscape and their symbolism. Providing ready connection between otherwise inaccessible points, bridges enable people to come together and connect. In the social sphere of living spaces, that is exactly what the  Bridge table is designed to accomplish, its solid form and splayed legs referencing the structures that inspired it. Here in lies its distinctive visual power that will energize any domestic interior.

Like the structures that inspired it, the Bridge table is both strong and beautifully detailed. The legs are created using special laser cut-technology. Their exterior sides are milled to be seamlessly engaged by a bold steel frame. The robust table top is made from French solid oak.

This unique design is available in a variety of standard sizes and color finishes. Moreover it can be customized to fit your personal taste and space needs. For example choose a wider or a more narrow size table top or modify the position of the beautiful legs. Modifications like these will allow you to create the perfect table to bring people together and connect!


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